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At first I couldn’t create a password, despite complying with the guidelines and my support request went unanswered. After completing my first interview, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app for my 2nd.


Had issues with registering. Once finally registered I'm having issues with logging in. STILL having issue. This is a nightmare. I really wish I didn't have to use this app. Called the 1-800 number & was told to uninstall the app, the reinstall... Which, of course, did not fix the issue.

Bad experience

Not sure how I'm supposed to interview for a job when this app won't connect to any wifi. Kept having problems connecting despite trying multiple locations around the city.

Blown interview

Terrible.b After finishing a practice run for my interview I press retry so I can do the real thing but instead the app stops working and just submits the practice run. Horrible! There's absolutely nothing you can do if the app messes up because it will just submit whatever you finished if it disconnects. So my big interview will be seen as a big joke when the company receives it. Terrible way to lose a job that is very hard to come by. Negative stars if I could give them.

Nice design but completely useless app

Kudos to your graphic/UI designer - he did a great job with the app. Unfortunately the app is completely non-functional; I've tried entering my information and registering at least ten times, and every single time I get a vague "connection failed error." This means I can't even get past the main screen of the app. If you bug tested your app even once you'd have caught this, and if you didn't force me to use your app over your website just because I'm using my iPhone, this wouldn't be an issue. Also, FYI, this app requires a WiFi connection or it won't even open, which is perhaps the dumbest and most off-putting idea ever to me (barring all mobile users from the main website and forcing you to use the *broken* mobile app is a very close second). I pay for 4G LTE, so in an area with good service my cellular connection is twice as fast as the average user's WiFi connection (meaning my decision to use a cellular connection doesn't actually impact your app's usability). If I want to pay for exorbitant amounts of data by using your app on a cellular network, that's my choice and it's none of your f***ing business - period. My carrier and I both have reasons not to want me to do so, but you don't have a horse in the race. It bothers me immensely when a company significantly limits my functionality simply because, according to that company, "it knows best what its customers need." You obviously have no clue what your customers need, or you wouldn't have compelled me to write my first and only negative review to date. Let the users decide what they need; you focus on making it available to them.

Beautiful app

Clean lines, simple interface, easy to understand.

Great app!

Super easy to use. Sure beats commuting to job interviews!

Great app

Very useful


First of all, this is a beautifully designed app. Doing a mobile job interview seems like a strange idea at first, but it’s actually pretty cool! It beats the heck out of traveling through a snowstorm to arrive at the interview location all disheveled and breathless. Especially today — my area was iced-in, so this app was great! I was able to do my interview at home. I don’t know if I got the job yet, but the whole process was easy. By the way, you should ask your potential employer if they use Take the Interview — not all of them use it yet (but they should!)

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